Policy and Program Development

We provide  a full range of tailored planning and developmental functions that focus on creating realistic, asset- based outcomes.

About Us


WCWA- Wholistic Counseling & Wellness Alternatives, LLC offers affordable, comprehensive, and individualized services that focus on wellness, empowerment, growth, and culturally responsive problem resolution and strategies. 

WCWA understands the uniqueness and intricacy of each individual, group, and organization we service.  Therefore, our services consider all circumstances of a person, group, or organization to ensure that we provide the results desired.  We have a core motivation to see you gain a sense of empowerment that will help you reach effective long-term problem resolutions and individual/organizational success.

WCWA works with children, adolescents, adults, businesses, and organizations to bridge traditional and nontraditional approaches to ensure more long lasting, successful solutions.

WCWA recognizes the individuality and intricacy that makes each client's problems and concerns unique.  Therefore, we make it our philosophy to "specialize in keeping the whole person in mind."

Consultation & Education

WCWA offers:

  • Mental health/Psychosocial assessments/evaluations
  • Education Evaluation and Positive Behavior Plans  
  • Personal Empowerment Counseling and Coaching Services
  • Policy, Program, and Curricula Development
  • Training and Workshop Facilitation

"Specializing in keeping the whole person in mind."

We are a privately owned counseling, education, and consulting company founded in 2006 located in the Phoenix metro area.

Please call us at +1( 800) 579-1407 to schedule an initial consultation.

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Women's Empowerment Workshop
8:00 am
Free 20 minute screenings- Depression, Anxiety, and Personal Coaching Assessment

Programs and Services

We offer the following services customized to fit your individual or group needs:  

Assessments & Psychosocial Evaluations

Areas of Specialty:

  • Behavioral Health and Education Consultation
  • Self-Esteem/Self- Empowerment 
  • Relationship Transitions
  • Trauma/ Trauma Recovery/ PTSD
  • Depression/ Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Work- related & School related Stress/ Difficulties