"Specializing in keeping the whole person in mind."

Policy and Program Development

We provide  a full range of tailored planning and developmental functions that focus on creating realistic, asset- based outcomes.  These services include program evaluation, design, and also includes policy, desktop protocols, training, and program development.   Our policies incorporate state and federal mandates, and best practices for each consultation service provided.  We specialize in working with community based behavioral health and social service organizations.

Educational & Mental Health Consulting

Experienced consultants provide information, education, referrals, case consultation, and trainings, on specialized evidence based topics. A thorough assessment is completed to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of your organization.  Consultants will work with you to provide individualized recommendations and plan of success.

​Presentations & Community Outreach

WCWA provides presentations, trainings, and workshops geared towards educating the community on mental, emotional wellness, personal, and community empowerment.

We offer:

Consultation & Education

Types of Consultation 

1. Behavioral Health Program and Policy Audit
7. Training Development
2. Initial Screening and Assessment
8. Curricula Development
3. Program Evaluation
9. Clinical Oversight
4. Goal Setting & Capacity Building
10. Facilitation and Presentation
5. Education Assessment and Plan
11. Special Projects
6.  Strategic Planning & Program Management