We offer the following services customized to fit your individual or group needs:

Programs and Services

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Assessments & Psychosocial Evaluations  

One-on-one assessments conducted by a licensed professional to evaluate a person's mental health, emotional, social, and functional ability.  These assessments will help screen for diagnosed disorders and/or determine effective treatment recommendations. 

Referrals can be from agencies and providers in the community, or through self-referral.

Counseling Dialogues

Focused on specific personal life and emotional challenges that are creating conflict, unhappiness, and preventing the progress in certain areas that you desire.  During these dialogues, you will work with your counselor to identify core beliefs, problematic thinking, and unhealthy behaviors that perpetuate your current state of disharmony.  Working together, you will recreate healthier beliefs and develop everyday life tools to achieve YOUR desired happiness and success.

Psychosocial assessments are required to determine if you are an appropriate match for this service.

Empowerment Coaching

Offers individualized  and group sessions focused on helping you identify a specific plan and goals that will help you  to live the empowered life you have always envisioned.  Empowerment coaching is not therapy, but it will help you identify thinking barriers you currently practice, which prevent goal achievement, personal happiness, and success in all areas of your life.   Working together, you will develop an effective action plan that will provide you with steps to start living and embracing your personal power…wholistically.

Our Rates:






Presentations/ Outreach: 

$185/hr rate; 80 minute evaluation - $215

$100 -50 minute session 

$80- 50 minute session (discounted rate for seniors and college students with active enrollment)

$ 135 - 50 minute session

$ 50 per individual - 75 minute group session

$165/hour or project based fee packages, please email (for consultation cfjohnson@wcwallc.com)

No fee to $135/hr depending on the organization. Please fill out our contact us form on our website with your request.

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